Have you ever asked the question, “Is it really that important to have the same Small Group Leader for preschoolers?”

The answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

Your preschoolers need consistency and stability.

They need to see a familiar face each time they arrive on Sunday mornings.

If you have a different person meet with your preschoolers from week to week, it’s less likely that those kids will feel completely comfortable in your preschool environment. They should connect with someone who they know and trust. They need to be able to trust that it’s okay for mom or dad to leave them for a short time because, they think, I am with this special, safe person.

The need for consistent Small Group Leaders is especially important for children who don’t attend a weekday preschool program. The only time they may be away from mom and dad is when they’re in the care of your Sunday preschool volunteers.

It’s extremely beneficial for your preschoolers to know who to expect as their “teacher” when they come to church. You can eliminate much of the anxiety a preschooler might experience, if he sees the same person in his Sunday classroom on a weekly basis.

With consistent Small Group Leaders, your preschoolers are also able to connect relationally with them. Not only will they feel more at ease coming into your preschool environment, they’ll come to church expecting to see a friend who truly knows and loves them. In addition, when they form a bond with their Small Group Leader, the door swings wide open for their little hearts to be receptive to the message you’re teaching them each week.

Do you equip your preschool classrooms with consistent Small Group Leaders? If not, what’s holding you back?