Do you ever go back and look at your high school yearbooks? Or thumb through your wedding album or your kid’s baby books? Occasionally, I even like to read back through my old Facebook posts and remember what I was doing last year. There’s something special about taking a trip down memory road and seeing how far you’ve come.
That’s the idea behind this month’s FX application and widget: the Family Album. This month, many of the families in your ministries built their own Family Albums, to record the ways they grow in knowledge. They can include pictures, stories, even summaries of their mealtime discussions. Then, later in the year, they can go back and see how much they’ve learned.
This album only works if families use them through the year. We’re going to reference them occasionally in our FX & large group scripts and you can ask about them in your different environments. You could even have a mid-year party where families bring their albums for some show-and-tell.
Some families will need a little more help recording in their albums, so we’ve created these PDFs (Family Album pages) that provide prompts for recording what families have wondered about, discovered, and been passionate about. You can download them here and distribute them, or we’ll have them available on throughout the year.
If you haven’t introduced the families in your ministry to the Family Album, it’s not too late. We will keep Family Seals available in the Orange store throughout the year, so you can even include new families as they join your ministry.
Can’t wait to see all that you learn this year! What have you already learned?
Family Album pages