Core. The central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. That should be the church. But, did you realize that 60 percent of families in your community will never step foot in a church?
How do you really impact those families?
What is it that most families have in common? Kids. And where do kids spend most of their day? In schools. So—watch this video and learn about a way to reach out to kids and ultimately, their families, in schools, and help support schools at the same time.
School XP is a great way to utilize the resources within your church and provide a service to a local public school to help create a culture of values like generosity, honor and more. School XP is a 25-minute secular assembly performed for elementary schools, focusing on a value of the month.
As you see in this video, Oakbrook Community Church in Kokomo, Indiana, has strategically decided to use their success on Sundays to impact kids during the week using School XP. Their outreach impacts 3,000 kids a month (and the families that come watch!) through their two monthly assemblies—and 75 percent of the children are being bused directly to their church from public school to attend!
School XP is a product of Core Essentials, a values education curriculum designed for public schools and focused on helping children apply three big ideas:
1. Treat others right.
2. Make smart decisions.
3. Maximize your potential.
NOTE: The nine school months of values that Core Essentials emphasizes correspond directly with the virtues being taught in 252 Basics in churches nationwide. School XP is available as a free monthly component of the 252 Basics curriculum and the Core Essentials curriculum for schools.
For more information, contact Elizabeth at Core Essentials! or 678-845-7178 or