We’re helping children’s ministries take their services online by giving you a FREE WEEK of the Orange Kids at-home experience. Get everything you need to engage both preschool and elementary kids. Use this content to create a weekly digital program that you can send directly to the homes of families in your church.


Video Experiences

a fully customizable worship and teaching video presentation that includes a countdown, monthly worship song, Bible story, and intro/outro videos

Parent Guides

easy-to-use guides for parents with fun activities & discussion cues. Includes memory verse, life app, bible story review, and more

Virtual Small Groups 

plans for your leaders to connect virtually with kids. Includes hangout ideas, bible story review activities, and discussion guides 

Child Devotional Cards

God Time cards are a devotional for kids that will help them focus their attention as they spend time reading the Bible and talking to God at home

Playlister At-Home Tool 

Use Playlister to send your customized video experiences to families to view on any device at any time. 






When you re-open, how are you going to that safely?  

Watch or listen as Frank Bealer from Phase Family Centers—a preschool, a theatre, and a portable church—discusses their process for reopening. Then, download the notes from today in the 2-Page PDF 9 Tips To Re-Open Your Ministry Safely.


Recruiting and retaining leaders is tough. These guides don’t dig into the intricacies of Zoom calls, but they will give you language to help a recruit all-star volunteers. Download the guides


In all the change—you’ve probably been forced to re-evaluate what ministry looks like in the months ahead. What if you could lean into the change, and approach the next year through a new lens with entirely new strategy? Join Mike & Crystal as they introduce four filters and a new way to plan your year. Plan your year  


This re-opening process through COVID-19 is new, uncertain, and a big responsibility. Here are 9 things to consider as you prepare for the transition. Download Guide


Volunteers are tired. How do you care for them and equip them to continue investing in K? Join the conversation  


Digital small groups can be tough. Whether you are continuing to see activity and interaction online or you’re experiencing a drop off in engagement, here’s a guide with 7 tips to increase engagement with your digital small groups.

Don’t Press Pause On VBS 2021

Don’t Press Pause On VBS 2021

That pause button has been pressed time after time in the past year. We hit pause on in-person learning. We hit pause on play dates. Soon after, we hit pause on church gatherings, extracurriculars, going out, and if we’re honest . . . connecting altogether.  This...

Implementing Digital Discipleship for Kids

Implementing Digital Discipleship for Kids

Amaya lives in New York. She had been attending church online every week since the start of the pandemic. Because of digital discipleship, Amaya was able to learn about God through relationships built at this church. 

7 Things Not to Forget When Reopening Church

7 Things Not to Forget When Reopening Church

March was the last time we met in person until two weeks ago. For you, that may look different. Maybe you have been meeting for months, weeks, or have no idea when you will start meeting again, but you are trying to be creative. No matter what, we know you are working hard to either get open again or trying to stay open.

Getting Input From Children’s Ministry Leaders to Relaunch Church

Getting Input From Children’s Ministry Leaders to Relaunch Church

If you’re a pastor, you’ve likely faced an onslaught of questions as you consider how and when to reopen your church during this pandemic. How many people can gather? Will we require masks? Do we have enough volunteers? How many people will come back? 

But guess what? All the questions you’re wrestling with about your church as a whole are the same questions that will have to be answered within your children’s ministry. 

Neighbors Around the World

Neighbors Around the World

It may be the first of September, but that hasn’t stopped your favorite retailer from decking the halls with boughs of (plastic) holly! This year, it feels as though we’re all pushing hard for December—not just because it brings Christmas, but because it signals the end of 2020.

5 Ways to Recruit Kids Ministry Volunteers (and one way not to)

5 Ways to Recruit Kids Ministry Volunteers (and one way not to)

While the easiest thing to do is say that we need more stage time, or wish the senior leader would talk about the needs of kid and student ministry every week, the reality is that mass cattle calls don’t yield the best results of dedicated, consistent, and called leaders for our ministries.

What’s Next: How to Plan Your Year In Children’s Ministry

What’s Next: How to Plan Your Year In Children’s Ministry

Creating a strategy energizes an entire ministry. It gives purpose to every event, every gathering. It centers your ministry around an approach that makes the things that matter most, matter most. We define strategy as a “plan of action with an end in mind.” Creating a strategy starts with asking: 

Partnering with Parents of Kids with Special Needs

Partnering with Parents of Kids with Special Needs

We recently asked some ministry leaders to share what they’re currently doing to support and partner with families with children with special needs during this time. Here are some main takeaways and practical ideas from that conversation.

Helping Parents Create Rhythm in Crisis

Helping Parents Create Rhythm in Crisis

Now, all over the world, families are finding themselves in a situation where all the hours are happening at home. What happens at home isn’t just more important. It’s all there is. So, how can you, as the church, still influence and support your families? How can you help parents create a rhythm in this crisis? 


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