What does that mean? Create a Rhythm. Is it a cool new game for the Xbox? Is it the latest dance craze?

Actually, Create a Rhythm is an integral part of the Orange Strategy. Basically, it means to incorporate daily spiritual learning/development into your child’s everyday life. Easy right?!

You’re thinking, no, it’s not easy.
However, for preschoolers, it’s not hard.

You’re talking to your preschooler constantly. Teaching them constantly. Now, you just need to be intentional about what you’re talking about. What you’re teaching. When you’re playing blocks, stack them while saying “God loves you.” While you’re in the tub and washing little toes say, “I’m so glad God made your little toes.”

Your child doesn’t need a Bible lesson every minute of the day, but they can hear about how much God loves them several times throughout the day.

We at First Look want you to help the parents in your environment to succeed in creating a rhythm. So, we’ve given you the tools.

Every week (or month), you can send home the Parent Cue card. It gives parents specific activities to do with their child related back to what they learned on Sunday.

And, we have something even better.

We have a parent training event for you. Guess what it’s called?


We’re pretty clever here at First Look with our titles.

This packaged event has what you need to put together an amazing training event that will introduce your parents to the Parent Cue and give them the vision behind why they should read it each week. We’ve even given you two options—a large show-type environment or a smaller, more intimate environment. You choose which one works for you.

You can purchase Preschool Parenting: Create a Rhythm on the Orange Store.

Go and get yours today. Your preschool parents will thank you.