Your environment says a ton about how you value kids. It not only tells kids that you understand them, it tells them that you like them. Seriously, what kid doesn’t want to hear the words, “I like you”?
Last month, we challenged all of you to take your environments to the next level. And wow! Did you ever bring your A-game to Creativity!
Each week, we loved seeing all of the pictures and ideas on Twitter and Facebook that we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate two of our favorites.
One of the first photos we saw was from Chris Knipp. He and his wife, Paula, work hard to create kid-friendly sets that are also budget-friendly. They knocked it out of the park for October. Check out their Creativity set:

Jenna Kuykendall and her team had fun with Creativity in October. Here’s what she said:

When our creative team met to plan the month of October, we started to brainstorm ideas on how each show could be unique and display different types of creativity. Our first idea was to bring in our friend Doug, a brilliant artist who happens to be our church’s graphic designer. We gave him a blank canvas and paints, and he proceeded to paint an amazing picture within the 30-minute window of our show. The songs, drama, and teaching action went on while he stood in the back of the set and painted. At the end, we revealed his masterpiece. The kids were blown away!

Our second idea was for me to write a spontaneous song at the end of The Backyard, our Large Group show, using words that the kids fed me for the lyrics. At the top of the show our stage host called me up and challenged me in front of the kids to write a song. She also asked the kids to give me lyrical ideas to use—this way they’d know I didn’t write the song beforehand! The kids threw out lots of ideas. I wrote down about a dozen and told them I’d use at least five words for the song. Some of the words they gave me to use were God, love, imagination and boom. A Small Group Leader piped in by adding supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The Bottom Line for that day was, “Use your imagination to make your mark,” and I knew I wanted to use some of those words, too. Here is the result!

Creativity Spontaneous Song
We love seeing—and hearing!—what our churches are doing to make the virtues come alive each month! Tweet us and email us pictures of your environments. Who knows? We may put the spotlight on you in a 252 blog post!