Just when you thought your preschoolers had adjusted from the last time change, snow days, holidays and perhaps jet lag from traveling, here comes another major change. A challenge to that inner clock that babies, toddlers, and preschoolers respond to so naturally.


And, even though it’s just a one-hour time change, it IS a major change.
Coupled with the sun still shining at bedtime, this is a recipe for cranky kids.

And, don’t forget, that internal hunger clock may be off kilter, too.
Be aware that grumpiness may be the result of an altered sleep schedule combined with hunger at later or earlier times.

So, what can you as a preschool leader do to prepare for this weekend?

  • Be sure you’ve reminded parents of the time change so that everyone is there at the correct time.
  • Be extra, extra sure you’ve reminded your volunteers of the time change so they’re there when you need them.
  • If possible, recruit some extra volunteers for the babies and toddlers rooms as that’s where the crankiness will be at it’s worst.
  • Have extra changes of clothes available for potty accidents. Tired kiddos aren’t as aware that they need to “go.”
  • If you provide snacks regularly, be sure to have extra on hand. If you don’t typically provide a snack time, consider doing it this Sunday. Be sure to use the allergy alert poster in either case.
  • Take a deep breath. Time change Sunday is a hard Sunday. Go into the day knowing you will need to stop and breathe when the crying starts.

Do you have any tips and tricks for surviving Time Change Sunday? Share below.