Last Sunday our children’s ministry was running a little behind, so when parents arrived to pick up their kids, several of our Small Groups were still circled up praying together. I apologetically asked the parents to wait a moment while the groups finished. And they did, quietly and respectfully! No one checked their watch, no one started a loud conversation. In fact, some of the parents even sat down and joined their kids in prayer. It was a touching moment of dialoguing with God.
Kids can be great examples of faith skills in action, even for grown ups. That’s why the “Dear God” video on our Get Reel DVD is so popular. Each month, we show a kid living out the faith skill “Dialogue with God.” Enjoy this “Dear God” video from last month.

Each of the monthly videos on Get Reel help kids understand one of the five faith skills.
“Discovery” (Faith Skill: Navigate the Bible) – A 60,000-foot view of the four Bible stories kids will be learning within a particular month.
“One Thing” (Faith Skill: Articulate your Faith; Personalize Scripture) – A young adult recounts a personal story where they learned something about what they believe or how their faith helped them make a wise choice.
“Dear God” (Faith Skill: Dialogue with God; Personalize Scripture) – A video that emphasizes sharing the victories and struggles in life with a God who loves them and is always there to listen.
“Live Loud” (Faith Skill: Worship with Your Life) – A video that teaches that worshiping God is more than singing to Him, it’s how you live your entire life.
Check out the great videos on this DVD, and use them to create the environment of your ministry and teach essential faith skills.
You can also encourage the parents in your ministry to watch the Get Reel videos on and in the Parent Cue App 2.0, available this month on iTunes and the Android Market.