When Walt Disney was about 50 years old, he took his kids to an amusement park. While they rode the carousel, he sat on a park bench to read his newspaper. As Walt Disney looked around him, he saw ride operators who looked bored, parents sitting with their newspapers, and kids merrily riding around and around. He was suddenly struck with inspiration. What if there was a park where kids and parents could have fun together? And Disneyland was born.
Sound like a familiar idea? I hope it’s similar to the vision you have for your ministry.
The Orange staff was privileged to have one of Disney’s directors speak at our staff meeting earlier this month. Brian White, director of Mobile Technology at Disney Interactive Media Group, and a member of Orange partner, Discovery Church, inspired us with his experience and insight.
As Brian described his projects with Buzz, Woody, Lightning, Mater, and Captain Jack, it was as if he was talking about my family members. Being the mom of two boys, these characters are familiar names in our household. I couldn’t help but wonder if Brian realizes how much his daily work influences my family’s life. I mean, he gets up every day, goes to work, makes decisions, and a year later we’re talking about it at our dinner table. That’s wild!
None of us have a Disney budget or a Disney staff, but can we have a Disney-level impact with the families in our ministries? Can the decisions we make impact dinner table discussions at home? What are the extra steps we can take to give families Disney-level experiences in our ministries? What environments can we create that spark Disney-level fun between parents and kids?