In November’s “Create the Environment” for Treasure Hunt, we suggested that you could create a satellite out of some simple supplies you can get at any discount store. We wanted to make sure it worked. Well, it does!
Here’s a step-by-step for how to make your own:
1. Get your supplies. I went to WalMart, but I’m sure you could find these supplies at any discount store—you may even have them lying around the house. I had many things on hand just in case I needed them. Turns out I didn’t need the stapler or the hole-punch. But you may, so have them near by.
Satellite 01 - Supplies
2.  Empty out the oatmeal container. It’s important you do this before you head to step three.

Satellite 02 - empty container

3. Wrap the oatmeal container in aluminum foil. Depending on your stage lighting, you may want to use the dull side of the foil to avoid reflecting lights into kid’s eyes.

Satellite 03 - wrap container

4. Once the foil is wrapped around the side, simply tuck the end of the foil tight around the top and bottom of the container

Satellite 04 - pinch it down

 5. Cover the base of the container. Trace the edge on a sheet of aluminum foil and cut out. I just used roles of scotch tape, but you could also use glue to keep the circle in place. Pinch the edges of your foil circle to the base of the container.
satellite 05a - base
6. Now you’re ready to make the holes for the yarn. I was hoping I’d be able to use a hole-punch, but the container was too think. However, I rummaged through the office and found a screw that did the trick. Count the number of spokes on your umbrella and evenly drill the same amount of holes around the container.
Satellite 05 - drill holes
7. Stuff the bottom of your container with newspaper or paper towel to help stop the container from moving around too much on the end of the umbrella.

Satellite 07 - stuff the bottom

8. Open up the umbrella and place the container over the handle. The umbrella I found at Wal-Mart was only $5.00. It had a straight handle that worked great for this. If your umbrella has a curved end, just make sure it’s small enough for the container to fit over top of it.

Satellite 08 - stick the can on

9. Measure and cut lengths of yarn that are much longer than what you’ll need to reach from the umbrella spokes to the holes in your container. I made each of mine about 3 feet long.

satellite 09 - cut the yarn

10. First securely tie one end of the yarn to each spoke of the umbrella.

satellite 10 - tie off the yarn

11. Thread your yarn through each of the holes around the container. You could use a knitting needle if you have one lying around. As you can see, I didn’t have a knitting needle and used the next best thing: the screw I had for drilling the holes. Keep your tread fairly loose around the container.
Satellite 11 - thread the yarn

It should look something like this when you’re finished:

satellite 12 - thread all of the holes

12. Bunch together yarn from each side of your container. Pull each bunch at the same time to keep your container level.

satellite 13 - gather and pull both sides

13. When the yarn is pulled tightly, gather each bunch and tie a knot.
satellite 14 - tie off

14. Cut off the extra lengths of yarn from inside your container as well as around the spokes of the umbrella.
satellite 15 - cut the ends
15. Your finished “satellite” should look something like this. Depending on the weight of your umbrella, this should be light enough to hang from above the stage in your kids’ environment.
Final Satellite - featured image

Have fun making your own Treasure Hunt satellite! And be sure to post pictures on our 252Basics Facebook page. We love seeing your creativity for making your environments pop for the kids in your ministry.