We’ve talked about our Baby Dedication product here on the First Look blog before. It’s something we LOVE and of course think every church should own. We tend to think that about things we produce. What’s really exciting is that there are some great stories out there of churches who have taken our product and make it work for their environments. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hearing these stories. I came across this blog post the other day and wanted to share it with you.

The words of First Look Friend, Michael Bayne….

Baby Dedication…every church has some form of it. Here at our church we did it for years in autopilot. We liked it. We enjoyed seeing families on stage. We prayed over babies and it was a special time but we never slowed down long enough to move beyond cute. I am pro baby dedication but I wonder what might happen if you slow down for a few minutes and rethink what you do in this special time in the life of a family.

Two years ago we began to rethink what we did with baby dedication. We purchased a resources from Orange called Baby Dedication Celebration and we formatted a new process that would help our church invest in families. We even changed the name to Parent Dedication because in reality we are strategically asking parents to make commitments and dream about the future they desire for their child.

Here are a few steps we have made to make our version of baby dedication help parents think intentionally about how they will parent and how they can partner with our church…

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Do you do Baby Dedication? How does it work in your church?