Kids reconnecting with spikeball at VBS 2021

That pause button has been pressed time after time in the past year. We hit pause on in-person learning. We hit pause on play dates. Soon after, we hit pause on church gatherings, extracurriculars, going out, and if we’re honest . . . connecting altogether. 

This summer, we have the important opportunity not to press pause, but to press play on VBS 2021. We have the chance to make this the best summer ever for our kids! Orange VBS is specifically designed for families who are ready to press play on re-engagement in the safest way possible for our church and community. 

The Impact COVID-19 Has on Kids

In the midst of pressing pause dozens of times throughout the year, we’ve felt the weight that this pandemic has brought. For some kids, this weight is extraordinary.

They’ve struggled to process these confusing mandates.
They’re getting mixed messages from people and media.
They’ve lost connection with their peers.
We’ve even heard that one year of social distancing has the potential to impact their ability to relate for several years.

Parents are beginning to see the impact that social distancing has had on their kids. Many are yearning for opportunities to safely reconnect them to relationships. After all, connection with people gives kids an understanding of their identity, belonging, and purpose. Without it, these areas become an inner struggle for many children.

That’s why VBS 2021 is crucial . . . it gives church leaders the chance to re-engage kids in new ways.

This VBS is Different

Press Play: Get in the Mix VBS 2021 is not an ordinary summer camp curriculum. We started planning this VBS with content in mind to fit the needs of our kids in light of the pandemic. Since kids are struggling with identity and belonging due to a lack of connection, we knew it was time to instill confidence in who they are in Jesus. Each day includes games, worship, drama, Bible stories, snacks, small groups, and more. Each element will help kids better understand their identity, belonging, and purpose in God’s Kingdom. 

How Orange VBS Will Help Reconnect Families and Kids 

We know that families across the country are longing for a chance to help their kids press play on relationships again. This is why we have intentionally created a VBS curriculum to allow families to reconnect in meaningful ways.

  • Orange VBS is fully customizable to work with your ministry and community. We have created editable content, flexible scheduling options, and multiple activity and rotation options that will fit your specific needs.
  • Orange VBS is included with an entire summer strategy that is FREE. When you purchase a Press Play VBS kit, you also get an entire two months of Press Play-themed summer curriculum for preschool through preteen—free! Now on Sunday mornings, kids will be able to engage and reconnect in an extension of VBS that they already know and love. 
  • Orange VBS is fueled by relationships with families, among leaders, and within small groups. The resources in this VBS are designed to strengthen these relationships and create lasting bonds. Not only that, but there are built-in opportunities for kids to share what they’re experiencing and learning with their parents. 

Different Types of Press Play VBS Included in This Kit

We understand that every ministry, community, and family are different. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we created a VBS kit that will allow families of different comfort levels to reconnect. Remember, it’s not about how you reconnect your kids this summer, as long as you reconnect them some way! Here are four options provided through resources in this VBS kit:

  • In-person, socially-distanced option for ministries ready to return to church safely.
  • Virtual, at-home option for families ready to engage their kids in relationships from home. 
  • Drive-in option for those who want to participate in VBS on-site, but from their car.
  • Neighborhood/backyard option for smaller, local gatherings in the community. 

All in all, we’re encouraging you to take your thumb off the pause button and press play for our kids. We’re encouraging you to partner with us and do something this summer to help families reconnect once again. You see, when we show up and lean into our ministry, we have the potential to make a life-changing impact on the kids in our community.

So . . . whatever that might look like to you, we encourage you to get in the mix with us through VBS 2021.  Everything you need to reconnect kids this summer can be found at