We are all different, unique and individual. Some of us are tall, others short; others of us are boringly average. Some of us are outgoing; others of us are quiet, and some of us fall somewhere in the middle. Still, some of us have large families, others have small families, and some of us have pets that we include as family. The point is, obviously, that we are all different. We are all wired to operate uniquely from one another.

Just as that is true of you and me, it is also very true of our First Look partner churches. We love that we get to work with a variety of types of churches. We understand that not all of you have the same ministry size, operate under the same budget, or consistently have the same number of volunteers each week. Because of that, we pride ourselves in making First Look easily adaptable for you. Here are some ways we try to help you make First Look fit for your church.

  • We include several different activities for you to choose from in each part of the curriculum (Make It stick, Make It fun, etc.) so that you can choose the activities that best fit the budget and or/supplies you have on hand.
  • The First Look curriculum comes in a Word Document, so you can rearrange, delete, and move around parts of the curriculum to fit your services.
  • If you need help filling volunteer roles, or if you need an alternative option for one of your services, First Look offers the Wonder! DVD so you can show the intro sketch and Bible story on DVD.
  • In the First Look Music panel, we give you a one song a month. We also include the chord charts as well as the music with or without background vocals. That way, you have several options for how to implement the music. Your choices range from playing the song on a CD/MP3 player to having someone play or sing live in your environment.

Each week we speak to different partner churches who are uniquely and creatively implementing First Look at their church. One of our churches uses First Look for their weekday program, while another of our churches use First Look in five different services each Sunday. Our hope is that you are encouraged and empowered to make First Look best fit for you!

If you have any questions on how to better implement First Look in your church, contact your Orange specialist! https://WhatIsOrange.org/firstlook/contact/

Do you know we have over 3,000 churches who use First Look? Isn’t that awesome? Our users stretch from across the United States, to other countries such as Canada, Brazil and Australia. If that many different churches are implementing First Look, then you can bet that there are almost that many different ways to implement it.

How do you adapt the First Look curriculum to fit your needs?