Have you made your final list for Easter preparations yet? It probably looks long, doesn’t it? I’m sorry to do this, but I’d like to add one more thing: planning a way to follow up with kids who came to Easter services.

The good news is I’ve got an easy way for you to thank all the kids for coming to church on Easter. Just print these custom 252 Basics postcards and ask you’re small group leaders to sign them before they leave church Easter morning.

  1. Just download the file: 252_Easter_Postcard_1 (full art, shown in pics) or 252_Easter_Postcard_2 (less art)
  2. Print and copy, double-sided, on white card stock paper.
  3. Distribute them to small group leaders Easter morning.
  4. Ask each small group leader to write a simple note, sign the card, and give it back to you. (Note: make sure you collect addresses from visiting families.)
  5. Mail them the week after Easter.

Does it add a little effort to an already busy season? Admittedly, yes. But it will mean the world to that child when he receives it in the mail. And will help build a relationship between small group leader and child, as well as the church and the family.

Happy Easter!