It seems like one of the things I’ve frequently heard over the past few years is the statement, “I don’t like change.” I have to admit, every time I hear that statement, or something similar to it, I immediately want to ask, “Really?” It’s an instantaneous response, because the way I see things, while we tend to say we don’t like change, I believe we actually do. HOW we respond to change, may actually boil down to whether or not we see the benefit of the change that is about to take place.
Let’s take a look back in history for a moment. In the mid 1900’s, the United States developed an efficient water and sewage system resulting in the addition of the water closet, also known as indoor plumbing. This was a significant change from the days of outhouses and chamber pots. And you know what? I’m fairly certain that the people living during that transition didn’t complain about the change that was taking place. That’s because they saw the incredible benefit that indoor plumbing would bring to their lives.
Unfortunately, seeing the benefit of change is not always an easy or natural thing to do. It might take a purposeful decision to actually embrace change and to help others do the same. You might have to have someone partner with you who can help you see the benefits. Think back on some of the changes that you’ve experienced or chosen. When you’ve walked well through that change, was it because you clearly saw the benefit of that change? Doesn’t our perspective make all the difference?
If that’s true, and I believe it is, how do we best help ourselves and others around us embrace change, rather than despise it? One big step in the right direction is to choose to see the benefit in change and to allow others to help us with what we don’t necessarily see as a positive. Go ahead, give it a try and see what happens!