As many of you may know, The Orange Conference (a conference our curriculum company holds every year—check it out if you haven’t been) just concluded. And, as much as we say the conference is an opportunity for attendees to come and learn some new things about how they do family ministry—
This year—
I think I experienced the most.
See, every year, we do a performance of one of our FX’s (which stands for Family Experience—don’t know what that is? Contact us!). I was supposed to be one of the characters in the sketch portion of the production.
HOWEVER, as I am prone to do, the very day we were to perform, I severely injure myself. In fact, I injured myself so badly, I had to go to the emergency room and disappear from the conference for, well, the rest of the day. Which caused a problem.
So, now, not only am I injured, but also I’m about to have a mental break down. It turns out, my worry and stress was not needed. Why? Because of the amazing team I work with.
Greg Payne, a fellow 252 writer, was supposed to be the Bible Storyteller and Jen Tamborello (a video producer/director for The reThink Group) was supposed to direct the whole showcase, but, when I went down, they went into action.
Three hours before the showcase happened, in front of 2,000 people, Greg decides to take my part and Jen decides to rotate in and do the Storyteller portion.
Every actor involved learned new blocking, memorized new lines and made tons of adjustments. And, they did an amazing job.
I tell you this story to say one thing.
There is nothing like working in a team of people who are ready to cover each other’s backs instead of point fingers or make excuses. No matter what obstacles got in the way, everyone was shooting for the same goal and was willing to make hard choices and fast changes to make things work.
I am grateful for the team I work with. I am thankful for their support. I am thankful I got to see such amazing people rise to a challenge they didn’t sign up for. It was an awesome thing to witness—even if I was wearing a hospital gown.
Have you ever had to switch to Plan B in one of your environments?  What did you learn?