One of our favorite features of Facebook is the community that is established there and the willingness of our First Look Friends to share what works for their preschool ministry with other leaders.  We often will post a question a leader has asked, and our partners rally with some amazing and creative answers!  We wanted a way to make these “golden threads” of information easy to find for future reference so we have started a series titled, “Facebook Feedback”.  These are simply “cut and paste” sections of common questions and all the uncommon answers that you have provided.   Today, we have brought over the thread addressing how to use First Look over multiple hours in your church.  These are the comments that were posted:

Kimberly Eddinger Crawford I pick 1 make it fun for each hour. These are color coded in the lesson plan (green 1st hour, yellow 2nd hour). Worship, I pick 6 total songs for the month. We do #1-3 1st service and #4-6 2nd hour , them switch for the next week. We do the video both hours (the kids love Ollie!). For our 3-5s, everything else is done in small group. I pick 2 make it stick activities for each hour, and make it real stays the same god each hour.

Jennifer Jimenez Lewis Welch We actually pull out one activity from make it fun & make it stick for worship. We also only play the video & now the music DVD during service. This way our Sunday school teachers have more options. This also helps our volunteers during worship hour.

  • Tim Bailey Most of our kids stay two services on Sunday so we created a rotation similar to VBS for Sunday but do have it so they are in their class rooms at the beginning and end of the first and second service. They do Make it Fun upon arrival the first
     Tim Bailey Oops hit post too soon. They do Make it Fun upon arrival, leave their room for a Music Time singing the curriculum songs, move from music to a Story Time via the Wonder video then back to their room for snack and restroom break. Snack and restroom break are timed to be the transition time sanding first service and starting second. A few minutes into the second hour they go to Large Group WeeKIDZ Worship singing the curriculum sings and hearing the story is time from live Story tellers. They return to their rooms for Make it Stick and the fun day ends!
  • Rebekah ‘Adams’ Sherwood We use the same lesson for both hours on Sunday morning. We have two sets of leaders and they meet to discuss who will do which activities. They each pick one Make it Fun and two Make it Stick. We decided that for the few preschoolers who may end up staying both services (we don’t have many), hearing the same story repeated by another person is a better option than trying to keep two separate stories and bottom lines in their heads. Besides, kids that age love repetition and love knowing what’s coming! We’ve been doing this a year now, and its proven successful so far!
  • Jonica Weiler  We split the lesson between 2 services on Sunday mornings.
    Sorry – accidentally posted before I was finished . Anyway, we do the Make It True live during one service and then use the video during the other to make it a little different for those kiddos who are there for both services. We also split the activities between the services so that they do not repeat. It’s been working out well for us.
  • Jennifer Keener Basco We use the Make it Fun activities for 1st hour and the Make it Stick activities for 2nd hour. We also have a Preschool Chapel for the 3-5 year olds. We gave a teacher who does the skit and then the kids watch the video. Then another teacher leads the music/worship part. 
Heather ‘Bradley’ Ulrich We use the same activities both hours, but we have also had an alternatives box in the past in case some of our kids are not interested in doing the same things twice. We eventually eliminated the alternatives bin just because not enough people were tapping into the resource, but it might work well to add some variety for your team. Large group is usually the same for both hours.
  • Misty Clarkson As I am editing curriculum I make a first service plan that will include different Make It Fun and Make It Stick activities than second service. Some actives sound so fun, that I will incorporate them in both services. The DVD is used for Make It True during first service and live host and storyteller during second service. This all helps spice it up a bit for kiddos sticking around and still gives great repetitiveness that is so important for these young ages.
  • Leslie Holeman We do both hours and mix it up on the make it sticks but keep the make it fun the same and make it true first hour and the worship and video second hour
  • Jodie Zern First Hour the teachers read the story straight from scripture or act it out for the little ones. I pick on make it fun and make it stick activity for them. Then second hour we do the skit and worship music and then a different Make it Stick activity. ON Wednesday nights we do the DVD.
  • Jennifer Massingale We do exactly as Rebecca has posted below with the exception of videos. We use videos for Sunday to tell the bible story (for both services) but have teachers (and we use puppets) to teach the bible story on Wednesdays. This reiterates the bible story, age appropriately, and reinforces the story/theme/lesson twice a week
  • Jason Mercer Ages 3-5, We do the lesson first hour and then have a worship style large group where we use the video (about 15 minutes total using interactive white board). The last portion of the second hour uses centers to reinforce the lesson. We use activities from two year old curriculum to often develop centers and use the theme and seasons to create additional center ideas!
  • Brandy Wallace Ray We do live teaching on the weekends and watch the video on Wednesdays. I choose one make it fun and make it stick for the weekend then a more intensive or messier make it stick for Wednesday because our numbers are a lot smaller. Good luck!
  • Deb Comstock We split between Sunday and Wednesday night. As staff I try to give the Wednesday night small group leader what I didn’t give Sunday….but there are some activities both need. And if we have supplies left from something great Sunday, I always put them out for Wednesday. Repetition is a good thing. Our Wednesday night is low key, so we also spend a bit more time in play mood.

These are the comments that we left on our Facebook post that day.  If you have other ideas or suggestions, please add them in the comments below!