Knowing God doesn’t happen in a moment. It’s not like you wake up one morning and BAM—you know God, you have Him all figured out, everything there is to know,no more questions or doubts.
We all know this. Growing in faith takes time and effort. Throughout the years, we have highlighted five faith skills to help kids grow in their relationships with God.
But lately, we’ve been rethinking – it’s what we tend to do around here. We decided to update our five faith skills, combine a couple, and change up some of the vocabulary to reflect how kids and families are talking about faith.

The Four Faith Skills
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Hear: Listen to God’s Words
When we read the Bible, and listen to what God has to tell us through His word, we learn we can Trust God no matter what.
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Pray: Dialogue with God
Through prayer we connect with God. We show gratitude for who He is and what He’s done. Through prayer, we can be honest with saying we’re sorry for what we’ve done and expressing how we’re feeling about what’s happening in our lives.
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Talk: Articulate Your faith
When we talk about faith with other people who also have a relationship with God, we can see God. Talking about your faith is a great way to discuss and examine God’s word with others who also know God. We can also share our faith with those who don’t yet have a relationship with Jesus.
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Live: Worship with Your Life
Worshipping God is more than just singing songs. Worshipping is about living life in a way that honors God.

Faith Skills in 252 Basics
The four faith skills will continue to be an important part of 252 Basics and how we help you create an environment where kids can know God.
GetReel 2.0 will continue to spotlight these faith skills through the videos included in that DVD.
“Discovery” – Hear: Listen to God’s Words
“Dear God” – Pray: Dialogue with God
“One Thing” – Talk: Articulate Your Faith
“Live Loud” – Live: Worship with Your Life

Small Groups
Small groups have always been a place where we help kids develop Faith Skills. But soon we’ll have Faith Skill icons to highlight when small group activities feature one of those.

Know God
Know God is a 28-day devotional experience for kids to start putting faith into practice as they grow in their understanding of God.
This book was written with your fourth, fifth, and sixth graders in mind. It’s designed to help kids who’ve made a decision to follow Jesus grow in their relationship with Him.
We pray that kids will really experience what it means to know God through these faith skills!