Every coach knows there are key positions to be filled. I looked through 252 and came up with a wish list of players for you to find. Let’s start with the basics. Instead of offense and defense, our main two types of environments are Large Group and Small Group. So, WHO should you be looking for when you recruit to really win?
Large Group Positions:
HOST – This is someone who can roll out the red carpet relationally each week, welcoming kids and engaging with them in funny and memorable ways
STORYTELLER – This is a credible person who can read through and internalize the Bible story script each week, then deliver it with dramatic, but authentic, flair
WORSHIP LEADER – Feels comfortable enough on the stage to sing and even dance, while showing kids how to really praise God with everything they’ve got
Large Group Special Teams—bonus positions
TECHIE – Needs to like technology, pushing buttons and understand that timing really does matter. This is a very guy-friendly job and it also attracts trustworthy kid volunteers
ENVIRONMENTALIST – Not what you might think—this person is a creative that can literally set the stage each month as a decorator and builder extraordinaire
KEEPER of the CLOSET – Of props, that is! This person is skilled at borrowing, buying, making and even organizing what the scripts call for each week
PRODUCER – Someone to help run through the scripts and offer quick feedback as a final dress rehearsal before it’s performed live (maybe even edit the scripts first)

Small Group Positions:
LEADER – A consistent face and voice in the lives of less than 10 kids each week, helping them to process what they heard and figure out how it applies to them
Small Group Special Teams—bonus positions
PREPPER – One person or preferably a team that prepares the Small Group activities, getting the needed supplies ready, so that the Leaders can concentrate on the kids
KEEPER of the VAULT – Of Small Group supplies, anyway. This person lives to organize, buy, sort and label so that others can easily find what they need—fast
CLEANER-UPPERS – A person who volunteers to sort what’s left over after Small Group is finished to see what can be reused and throwing away or recycling the rest
RUNNER – Someone who helps deliver any emergency supplies quickly from a mobile cart for Small Group activities, injuries, even volunteer appreciation snacks!
Two more people to round out your All-star squad:
BOUNCERS – Okay, more like greeters, but they help to make sure people know where they’re going and get them checked in safely for everyone’s peace of mind
PAPARAZZI – People who are good with a camera and could capture some pictures, even video, to post on your website or frame in your hallways (just make sure parents sign releases first, which they probably will if you promise them a copy)
This list may seem overwhelming; you don’t need them all. However, the more of them you have, the more you can focus on supporting this dream team and not doing it all yourself.  When you remember that people are wired and gifted in lots of different ways, you’ll start to see potential recruits everywhere.  And if there’s more than one option, you have a greater chance that people will say “yes” and mean it.
So, next time you meet one of these people, see it as an opportunity to grow. You know, that mom who throws over-the-top themed birthday parties—she could bedazzle your stage every month for sure! The dad who creates custom playlists for road trips—tech support is waiting. Your friend who alphabetizes and color-codes her pantry—props or supply closets beware! Someone new to your church who’s quiet and likes to help behind the scenes—how about recruiting them to help prep Small Group supplies during the week?
When you start to think this way, you’ll be surprised by all the prospects! Who did I forget? What other types of volunteers do you use in your ministry? Which volunteer had you never thought of before that could make your life easier and give someone else a chance to be part of what God’s doing in the lives of kids?