Last week, we introduced the activities that are planned for the Make It Stick section of the curriculum. A movement activity is always included along with one that reviews the monthly memory verse. The next activity will intentionally review the Bible story—it is the Bible Story Review activity. You will know you are looking at the right activity when you see “Bible story review” in parentheses on the weekly overview page!

You may be thinking, These kiddos just heard the story. Why are we reviewing it five minutes later? Well, that’s just it—they heard the story. Research shows us that auditory learning is way down on the list of effective learning styles for preschoolers. At the top of that list is kinesthetic or experiential learning. In other words, they are doing something, actively participating in the learning. They may be creating something (a tissue paper burning bush), enjoying a yummy snack (bread from heaven), playing a game (guessing items from the story that are hidden in a box), or acting out the story with a few simple props (a walking stick and some stuffed sheep).

Repetition is a key component for any learning style, at any age. Your preschoolers need to see it, hear it, try it, taste it, feel it, do it many times in order to get it. And, they need to get it in order to draw upon that story, those characters, and their experiences in the future. Each and every one of us has a story. Our goal in making Bible stories meaningful to preschoolers is that they will be able to incorporate those stories into their own. God made Adam and God made me. God loves the shepherd boy David and God loves me. Jesus is a friend to Peter walking on the water and Jesus wants to be my friend, too.

What do you do each week with your preschoolers that makes the Bible story relevant?