The last type of activity that is planned for the Make It Stick section each week is a craft. This activity may be in the shape of a neat and clean Activity Page, a not-so-neat finger painting masterpiece, or many art forms in between those two extremes.

The creation of a craft or art project in itself is quite an accomplishment. It is cause for pride in one’s work. And, whether they are aware or not, these types of projects and experiences are a basis for learning. Our preschoolers are exposed to the fundamentals of art (color, line, form, shape, texture). They assume the role of the artist (set-up and preparation, discussing ideas with others during the process, cleanup, etc.). Displaying their creations in your environments shows respect and recognition for what they made. Finally, readiness skills for future learning are practiced in the areas of reading (understanding symbols), writing (manipulating crayons and markers), and science (mixing colors). That is truly a lot of content on one piece of 8.5 by 11-inch construction paper!

Let’s not forget the thrill a child experiences when he leaves your environment and hands off that work of art to Mom or Dad! The craft activity is yet another way to get the message to parents about what happened that day, what the preschoolers learned and what they can talk about on the way home and during the week.

Do you encourage the budding artists in your preschooler groups by allowing them to express their creativity?