We’ve been taking a look at the different types of activities provided each week in the First Look curriculum. We’ve given you the strategy, and shared how important movement activities are.

Now, let’s take a look at another type of activity we plan each week—games. Games are everywhere in our lives—the Olympic Games, Friday night high school football games, family game nights with our favorite board games, a neighborhood game of Hide ‘n Seek.

Games appeal to people of all ages and stages. For our preschoolers, games are fun and engaging learning tools that speak to all types of learners. Visual learners match pictures, auditory learners listen to directions, and kinesthetic learners jump, skip and wiggle. In the First Look curriculum, all of this is happening while the preschoolers are being introduced to the Bible story for the week during Make It Fun.

At the same time, she is “learning” something while playing a game, the preschooler is also developing social skills (waiting for a turn, sharing, communicating). Some children are hard-wired to be competitive, and games allow them to express that in a positive way. Some are natural-born leaders, and you will quickly see who those children are when you play a game. So much is going on while your preschoolers are just “having fun” playing a game!

Remember, it’s okay to repeat games as long as they hold the children’s interest. Repetition reinforces the learning—even when they don’t know they are learning.

Which games do your preschoolers enjoy the most?