This post is part of an ongoing series on the different types of First Look activities.

At the heart of everything we do in First Look is the idea that preschoolers are curious, they want to know, they wonder. We want to feed that curiosity. We want to help them learn more and more about a God who made them to wonder.

Each week in the Make It Fun activities, we include an investigation or role-play activity. (More about role-play next week!) Investigation activities quite naturally appeal to preschoolers who are born “wanna-be detectives.”

We can actually introduce the scientific method to preschoolers. That sounds a little advanced, doesn’t it? Well, let’s break it down. The scientific method includes several steps:

  • Observation: Wow, what’s that?
  • Comparison: Yep, that one is bigger.
  • Sorting and organizing: See how quickly they separate the foods they like on the plate from the foods they don’t like?
  • Wondering/Predicting/Hypothesizing: What will happen if you leave your favorite book outside in the rain?
  • Experimenting/Testing/Exploring: I wonder if this bean will fit in my nose?
  • Extending/Expanding/Applying: That bean might grow better in a pot of dirt!

The scientific process can happen throughout our time with preschoolers.  Remember the importance of hands-on experiences—don’t just talk about it, do it! Allow them time to observe—with their eyes, ears, hands and, yes, sometimes their mouths. Ask open-ended questions—start a question with “why” or “how.”

God has gifted us with an amazing world. In order to appreciate the wonder of it all, we must encourage our young scientists and detectives to fully experience it.

What will you do to help your preschoolers discover how their world works?