5-year-olds. What makes them so special? Well, just about everything! They are so special that we create a Make It Stick activity each week just for them. They are the “seniors” of your preschool programs. They have 5 years of experience under their belts and they are ready and (somewhat!) prepared to use it.

Our 5s have developed many preferences including which hand is dominant, which friend is their best friend forever, which flavor of ice cream is their very favorite, and which clothing they absolutely want to wear every day. Their bodies and attention spans have grown. They are more independent but actually like having some rules to help them cope with their busier worlds. They are overflowing with energy and are mastering more physical skills such as balance, coordination, holding and using a pencil, and cutting with safe scissors. And they love to use their words from the approximately 13,000 they have stored away in their brains.

So, what do we do to acknowledge all of that ability and challenge our 5s? We create an activity each week that points back to the Bible story in a way that engages them. We play games with simple rules. We plan an Activity Page or craft that requires the use of fine motor skills. We ask “what if” questions to encourage critical thinking and creativity. We provide opportunities to sort, match and count. We let them be dramatic and expressive.

All of this happens in ways that address a range of abilities and interests. Our 5-year-olds are eager to learn. They are practicing readiness skills that prepare them for the next step in life. God made them that way, and we can help them understand just how very special they are!


Do you have older preschoolers in your groups who are ready to take on the challenge of the “Especially for 5s” activities?