Have you ever wondered about the process behind the writing of the First Look weekly activities? There is a process. There is even a strategy!

Over the next month or so, we are going to explore the different types of activities offered in the First Look curriculum, and the “why” behind them.

As leaders, we want you to be able to choose the ones that fit best with your children. We want what we write to work for you in your environment!

We have two sets of activities in every week of Twos and Threes-to-Fives curriculum.

The Make It Fun activities are written to be fun and welcoming so that children are drawn into the group when they arrive. In addition, these activities introduce the Bible story focus for that week and any unique ideas or objects that are part of the Bible story. There are three different types of Make It Fun activities:

  • Movement
  • Games
  • Investigation OR Role-Play

The Make It Stick activities are designed to help your preschoolers understand and remember each week’s Bible story and Bottom Line. There are five types of Make It Stick activities:

  • Memory verse review
  • Bible story review
  • Just for 5’s (obviously only in the older curriculum)
  • Craft
  • Movement (Yes! Again!)

If you were adding as you read this, you know that there are eight Small Group activities planned for each week. Wow! Eight activities! In no way do we expect all eight activities to be implemented during a typical hour service on a Sunday morning. The preschoolers would be overwhelmed along with your volunteers!

However, we do expect that you will CHOOSE which activities you will implement each week based on your unique environment. Meaning, you will need to answer some questions as you plan:

  • Do I have the budget to purchase the supplies? (Many activities require no supplies.)
  • Do I have enough willing volunteers?
  • Will my space accommodate the activity?
  • Will the activity be a good fit for the children in this group?

That last question may be the hardest to answer. The goal of this series is to take a closer look at each of the seven different types of activities. We hope to help you make the best choices for the preschoolers you serve.