In the past few weeks, we looked at the different types of activities that are planned for the Make It Fun and Make It Stick sections of the weekly curriculum for 2s and 3s to 5s: Movement, Games, Investigation, Role-play, Memory Verse Review, Bible Story Review, Just for 5s, and a Craft. We learned more about why these activities work for preschoolers. At the beginning of this series, we stressed the importance of making the best activity choices for your group of preschoolers. One tool that will help us make well-informed decisions is the understanding of different learning styles and how the First Look activities fit individual children who learn in ways unique to each of them.

A learning style describes the way a child investigates the world God created, how he learns concepts, and how she uses what she has figured out. It is fairly universally accepted that there are three learning styles identified in preschoolers: visual learners, auditory learners and kinisthetic learners. In other words, some preschoolers need to see things, others prefer to listen, and some would much rather do it themselves. One learning style is not better than the other and many of our preschoolers adapt to a combination of learning styles. So, how do we know what works best for a child? Take the time to observe—notice how children respond, or don’t, to the activities. During a movement activity, notice who listens attentively to the verbal directions, who watches you act out the activity, and who immediately starts moving. When presenting the Bible story each week, be sure to include the suggested props for visual learners, an animated voice for auditory learners, and the interactive movement parts for kinesthetic learners.

It’s that simple: Pay attention to what attracts your preschoolers, holds their attention, and is most effective in helping each of them understand that God made him, God loves her, and Jesus wants to be each child’s friend forever!


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