Each year, as we prepare for the month of September, we take a look back at the years before and think about what we can change, what we can do better, what we need to adjust. We look at the feedback you’ve sent. (Yes, all feedback goes on this massive spreadsheet that’s even color-coded). We listen to our Orange Specialists. We listen to the people with whom we serve on Sundays. We talk and listen and talk some more. We do all this because we want to make First Look better for you, our user.

  • Over the last six months, you may have seen a strategic pattern arise in our activities. Make It Fun activities now fall into one of three categories: movement, game and investigation or role-play. Make It Stick activities now fall into one of four categories: memory verse, Bible story review, movement and craft. The older curriculum also has an activity just for fives, which typically asks for higher-level cognitive or fine motor skills.
  • We’ve added the Parent CUE App, which you can download for either your iPhone, iPad or Android. More information about this app is available in the news section of the download page. In addition, promotional materials are available in the training section of the download page.
  • We’ve updated (and are continuing to update) the training section of the download page. Stay tuned to the news section and the First Look Blog for notifications.
  • We released our new CD, Whoooo Loves You, that provides preschoolers with music that will have them rockin’ in their car seats.

We pray that these changes will help you in your preschool ministry. We look forward to hearing how they impact your environment and leaders.

Make sure you read the September Editor’s Notes to see some specific, special things that are happening in September only!