“How do you dye pasta?” Our Orange Specialists hear that question often. We thought about writing out how to do it. But, that’s not very fun. Nor, is it as helpful as actually seeing it done.

So, we decided to do a video tutorial.

First Look Editor-in-Chief, Kathy Hill narrates while her daughter, Maggie, demonstrates how to dye pasta for crafting purposes.

Remember, once it’s dyed, you don’t want to eat it. Yuck!


Don’t want to watch the video or need a refresher? Here you go.

To dye pasta, you need five things:

  1. Pasta
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Food coloring
  4. Freezer sealable baggies
  5. A wax paper covered area

You want your work surface to be covered in newspaper or towels and then wax paper if it is at all porous. The food coloring WILL bleed through the wax paper.

Basic steps

  1. Pour pasta in freezer baggie.
  2. Pour in half a cap of rubbing alcohol.
  3. Drop in 15 drops of desired food coloring (more for red).
  4. Seal bag.
  5. Shake bag to cover pasta with liquid.
  6. Pour on wax paper lined newspaper to dry.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful.
Let us know how your pasta dying goes!

What other tutorials would you like to see?