This month we’ll be talking about one great BIG fish and let me tell you it’s a “whale” of a tale, can you guess which one it is?  You guessed it! We’re teaching preschoolers about Jonah as we all learn that God knows what’s best for me! In the two’s curriculum you’ll be guiding your preschoolers through a craft where they will actually put together a whale complete with Jonah in it’s belly. Let me show you what we’re talking about…

First of all you’ll need to gather all of your supplies. In gathering my supplies around our First Look office, I was a little short on some of the art supplies. I had to substitute crayons for the blue bingo markers that the curriculum calls for and a paperclip in place of the brad. My advice…..go with the crayons but steer clear of the paperclip, it served it’s purpose for my sample but wouldn’t recommend them with preschoolers.  I also didn’t use a hole punch because I used regular copy paper instead of cardstock making it easier to punch the ends of the paperclip through the paper.

photo 1


Once the fish and Jonah were all colored, I cut them out. In working with two year olds, you are most definitely going to want to cut these out before you put them in the hands of those cute little people you spend your Sundays with each week.

photo 3


Once everything is cut out and colored it’s time to put the Velcro on. I chose to put the stiff Velcro on the fish and the soft on the back of Jonah. You will want to position the Velcro on the bottom portion of the fish closer to the top AWAY from the Bible Verse, that way it will keep Jonah’s feet from hanging out where you can see them. Once the Velcro is in place, go ahead and punch the hole where indicated and put on the brad to hold the two pieces together.


photo 2


Now that you’re fish is all put together, it’s time to put Jonah in the belly and close the fish. Note the feet hanging out of the bottom of the fish this is why you want to put the Velcro on the inside higher.

photo 4


Once you put Jonah in you can open and close the fish’s mouth while reviewing the Bible story.


Photo 5