It’s time for a slam dunk of an activity!  We’re telling the story of Naaman in August and brainstormed an AMAZING craft for you to do with your kiddos that will help them to re-tell the Bible story once they get home with mom and dad. Let’s get started!


The craft calls for blue paint but if the thought of mixing blue paint with 2-year olds or 3/5-year olds scares you no worries, we’ve got you covered! Instead of paint you can use blue construction paper and some tape.


I had my two very crafty assistants help me out with this. One painted while the other helped me cover the cup in construction paper. (Note: I went ahead and cut out the paper doll to resemble Naaman and taped it to the craft stick to save a little time.)





Once you have finished turning your cup blue, whether you went the paper or paint route, it’s time to cut the slit in the bottom of the cup so that your craft stick will fit through.




Now that you’ve gotten the slit in your cup, it’s time to fit your craft stick in there to make sure that Naaman can dunk freely without getting stuck. Does he fit? Great! Now he’s ready to dunk 7 times just like our story says he did!






Show us how your Naaman cups turned out. We’d love to see them!