Have things become a little blurry? No, we’re not talking about your vision, well, at least not your physical vision. But maybe you need some help renewing your focus.

What is that one idea, that one key difference, that could breathe new life into your ministry? What idea can bring clarity to you, your volunteers and families in your church?

Maybe you were inspired by something at this year’s Orange Conference and our theme, “Focus.” Or maybe it’s something that you’ve thought about for months, but just aren’t sure how to take the next step.

We debuted some new resources at Orange Conference 2013 that may help. Here are just a few we want to focus on for our First Look friends.

First Look Toddler Posters 2013-2014 Each poster displays simple, engaging activities that your volunteers and staff can do with the youngest preschoolers under the age of two. Included on each poster is the Basic Truth, Bottom Line and Bible story that corresponds with the monthly toddler curriculum downloads from August 2013 through July 2014. Posters are 16.5″ x 22”.

First Look Basic Truth Posters 2013-2014 The First Look Basic Truths Posters enhance your preschool environment, as well as reinforce the three basic truths for parents—God Loves Me; God Made Me; and Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever. This bundle consists of three 24” x 36” posters.

Leading A Special Needs Ministry: A Practical Guide to Including Children and Loving Families by Amy Fenton LeeThis book serves as a practical “how-to” handbook for the family ministry team working to welcome one or 100 children with special needs. Easily referenced guidance is offered for expressing care for parents who are learning that their child has a diagnosis all the way to developing programs, policies and education for volunteers working with children with disabilities. Example ministry documents are provided throughout this resource guide.

Losing Your Marbles: A Lot Can Happen in a Week by Reggie Joiner, Elizabeth Hansen, and Kristen IvyWhether you’re a parent or a leader, you’re making history. The question is: What kind of history are you making with the kids and teenagers who are closest to you? Losing Your Marbles combines a short story about a kid named Simon with a few key principles to help you discover how you can make history this week. Based on this year’s conference theme, this book highlights six things every kid needs from the parents and leaders who are closest to them.

Playing for Keeps: Six things every kid needs . . . over time Playing for Keeps is a video resource created to remind, inspire, and challenge leaders, parents, and anyone else who is investing in the next generation. There are approximately 968 weeks from the day a child is born until he or she graduates high school and probably moves out into the world. Leaders who stay connected to a group of kids for a year will have 52 weeks of influence before a kid moves on to the next group. Why does that matter? It’s simple: If you’re a parent or leader, you are running out of time. Your days of influence are limited. That’s why we think it’s time to start Playing for Keeps. It’s time to get serious about what you do with your time. Each 10-minute video in Playing for Keeps identifies one thing you are probably already doing, that has the potential to make a significant impact if you keep doing it. What you do this week matters; here are six ideas about how to make it matter more.

Do For A Few: A Training in How to Lead Small Discipling the next generation is a BIG challenge with a SMALL solution. That’s why you organized your ministry relationally. You understood that multiple leaders committed to do for a few would have more potential than what you could ever do for many. But Sundays keep coming, which makes it hard to train your leaders. We are here to help! Do For A Few is designed to give you everything you need to invest in and train your small group leaders. Do For A Few clarifies the responsibility of the small group leader for those who work with children and teenagers by establishing five common characteristics of leading small. You can use all the videos at once to create a one-day event, or spread them out and show them weekly to inspire, train, and encourage small group leaders to keep doing what they do for a few.

Skeeples ’N’ Lomes by Greg Payne is the story of how yellow Skeeples and the red Lomes learn to work together to help a child in trouble. It may look like a kid’s storybook. It may even sound like a kid’s storybook, but it’s a great way to communicate the Orange Strategy to volunteers, parents and leaders.

AND COMING IN JUNE—Minutes Matter: Adventures That Help Parents Shape FaithParenting is an adventure full of ups and downs, open highways and hairpin turns. It’s the ride of your life, and there’s never a dull moment! Each and every one of those moments is important, for they influence the person your preschooler will become. In just a few minutes, you can influence and shape your preschooler’s faith. In just a few minutes, you can begin a foundation that will last a lifetime. In just a few minutes, you can create a memory that will live forever.Designed for families with preschoolers, Minutes Matter equips parents to capture the time they already have to influence their kids. Each monthly card gives parents three options for fun, interactive and purposeful activities that will shape their family and their faith. Choose one or do all three based on your family’s schedule and circumstances.

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