Just at that point when you feel kids are moving beyond learning your praise and worship songs to really engaging in worship, it’s Christmas. Time for new songs, AGAIN.

I’ve had my fair share of awkward Christmas music seasons in ministry. I’m not going to lie, the first year I directed our children’s worship experience, I was very glad when it was over. Back then, the selection of Christmas music was limited, the kids didn’t know the songs and I had WAY too many songs on the playlist! (Let’s just say I was over zealous with my expectations of how the kids would love the music as much as I did.)

Maybe you play Christmas music as soon as Hobby Lobby puts out the décor, (which would be June, by the way). The reality is families don’t play Christmas music year round. Your favorite Christmas carols? Kids may not know those either.

The good news is that you don’t have to lose momentum through the Christmas season with your worship music. With a little strategic planning, your kids can stay engaged. Your worship music during Christmas can be something that continues to inspire kids to connect with God, instead of a detour from what you have worked so hard to create up to this point.

Here are four things to consider as you plan for your Christmas worship music.

  1. Choose Relevant Christmas Music.

I know you love the classics. I do too. Having said that, the music you use for kids should be something kids want to listen to. Your song selections should not sound dated—they can be a “classic,” but with a fresh sound. Simply ask yourself, “Does this song sound like what’s playing on the radio today?”
You can find fun Christmas music on the brand new album from AmberSkyRecords.com on iTunes, Jingle Jam Wrapped Up.

  1. Choose Only Three Christmas Songs.

Only three? What?
Yes. Choose three. You only have four Sundays to sing Christmas music this year. It takes at least two weeks for kids to move beyond learning a song to engaging with the song. Your goal is not to overwhelm them with a ton of new music. Your goal is to engage them in worship. Choose three. Remember: less is more.

  1. Don’t Sing All Three Songs Every Week.

Do you know what happens when you sing the same songs for a whole month? They become boring. Over time, they can turn into white noise. It’s also not helpful to suddenly switch up what’s familiar to everything that’s not. Can you imagine if someone messed with your workout playlist and suddenly you had strange music playing while you were trying to get in the zone? Instead, try a phased approach to phasing in your Christmas music.

  1. Use Christmas Music In Your Environment!

Play Christmas songs as background music for all of these weeks. Include the song selections you have made for your praise and worship time. (It will help them learn the songs you chose!)

Remember, the time you invest into elevating the value of worship in your ministry is worth it! After all, our offerings of praise and worship is what matters most to a loving God who simply wants to be in a growing relationship with us all.

What Christmas songs will you sing this year in your children’s ministry? We’d LOVE to know!

Merry Christmas!!

** Check out Jingle Jam Wrapped Up on iTunes or AmberSkyRecords. Also, our live lyric videos are now available on worshiphousekids.com.