I have had the most fun when I’ve been given the opportunity to be generous. I used to tell my kids that being generous to others is “better than chocolate cake.” Proverbs says it best, “He who refreshes others will be refreshed,” (Proverbs 11:25b). Generosity was the virtue theme for December’s 252 Basics.
Wanda, from Portico Church in Ontario sent this story about launching their first shared Family Experience—or FX, as we like to call it.

We used the Generosity theme for our FX and played the Rapid Response game where we gave away a prize that looked cheap and cheesy (lots of fun and laughs by all), but we wrapped it in “The Wrapper” you supplied for the virtue theme of Generosity. We actually switched it up, and gave away some pretty decent prizes containing some gift cards. After listening to the FX message that generosity is making someone’s day by giving something away. The family gave the gift back to our Children’s pastor to give to someone who could really use it.
A bit later, the leader came across a family who had missed the FX altogether. She explained about the FX and the gift card, and asked them if they would like the gift card. They readily took the gift. Later, we found out the second family had decided they too wanted to make someone else’s day, so they gave the gift away. We’ve heard rumor that this family may have also given the gift away to another family. We’re trying to track the gift card to see where it ends up. We’re praying that it will land in the hands of someone who needs to know that God loves them! The cool thing is that every one of the folks who have had the gift, whether they attended the FX or not, seem to have gotten the message of being generous and making someone else’s day!

As you plan for 2012, consider investing in a shared Family Experience at your church on a consistent basis. Think about what opportunities there may be for conversations throughout the week among those who experience an event like this together. Think about how to invite NEW families to your church via a shared Family Experience in the new year. It can create new momentum and opportunity for bigger impact. FX is part of the strategy of Orange!