It’s not always easy to know what’s right, and it’s even harder to stand up for the right thing when it feels like everyone else is doing something different. Sometimes it can feel like we need a superhero to come to the rescue. So that’s why we’re taking the months of June and July to discover what it means to Stand Up: Get in the Story as we learn more about conviction.

Conviction is standing for what’s right even when others don’t.

We’ll start by seeing Jesus’ example: Even when it meant going to the cross to die, Jesus knew that it was the right thing, and He did it. Then we’ll spend the next several weeks looking at the life of Daniel and seeing how he consistently stood up for what’s right.

To help you partner with parents even better this summer, these products are available in the Orange Store:

  • Stand Up, An 8-Week Devotional for Kids – At the beginning of each week, kids read about one of the many people who got into God’s story by standing up for what’s right. Then, each day of the week, this book will take kids through a new devotional thought or activity that helps them discover ways you can stand up and get in the story!
  • Stand Stamp – Place these cool decals on the bottom of the door or the wall to tap with your foot as you leave for the day. It’s a great way to remember that wherever you go, and whatever you do—you can stand for what is right. We include enough decals that every family member can have their own!
  • Summer CUE Box – Continue the Stand Up theme with a 11×16-inch poster, DVD, and eight collectable story cards that help families get in the story.