We always love seeing how you make 252 Basics come alive each month. You all do such a great job with your events and environments. February was no exception!
Thanks to our #thinkorange hashtag on Twitter we noticed that one of our partners in Fort Lauderdale staged a super-fun community event to show what it takes to make peace. Their “Get Messy” event caught our attention! We asked Adam from First Baptist Fort Lauderdale to share more about this event. 
Sometimes making peace can be messy, and getting messy can be lots of fun!
As we’ve focused on “Peace – choosing you care more about each other than winning an argument,” we’ve seen monumental growth in our kids!
We talked about how it’s not always easy to make peace. We knew that if our kids were going to understand this difficult concept, we had to do something drastic that would capture their hearts and their imagination. So when our creative team met last month, we planned a “Get Messy to Make Peace” event, as a finale to our month-long study.
We knew three things going into the planning for this day:
We wanted the kids to remember it
We wanted them to get messy,
We wanted them to bring their friends.
With that end in mind, we took our inspiration from the nation-wide phenomenon known as “The Color Run.” This new, relevant 5K running fad was the perfect way for us to show that getting messy to make peace was worth it! We contacted “The Color Run” and found out what we needed to put on a very similar event at our church to wrap up “Peace”. On February 24th we did just that.
We challenged our kids to make peace with those in their lives and asked them to make a commitment to do so. When they stood to show their commitment, the fun began. Their Small Group Leaders “colored” the kids, making each of them not only extremely messy but also brightly colored!
First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale is in a downtown, urban setting. We held the event outside and saw people from neighboring hi-rises standing on their balconies watching. It was a moment I won’t soon forget.
All of our kids left in a heap of color, with smiles on their faces. They understood what making peace meant. Not because I told them to, but because God called us to.