This week I got to see the newly released movie “Moneyball.” If you haven’t seen it, I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away here. The premise is simple; how can a small budget baseball team compete against a league filled with big budget champions? The protagonist comes up with some interesting ideas.
• You don’t need home runs.
• You don’t need the greatest players filling out every position.
• You simply need to get on base.
• If you keep getting on base you will eventually score and win more games.
When your church decides to begin an FX you are in the same predicament. Look around at some of the other events that compete for families in your community. I spent about $20 to see a movie in part because I had seen one of their big budget trailers telling me how great it was. How much money does the local mall spend to attract hearts, minds and wallets? According to, Electronic Arts just spent $45 million on advertising one video game. I could go on listing spent by television, Disney, toy companies, etc. Let’s face it, chances are there’s a public park system near you with a budget larger than your FX (and they have swings and a pond).
So, how do you compete with all that? You don’t. You change the game. Don’t invest where your competition has invested. You have something that no amount of advertising, print material, or resources can buy—relationship.
When you produce an FX event, remember you don’t have to have an exploding truck, the largest fireworks display, or a celebrity to be successful.
Your goals are simple and achievable but not easy. You have to make Dad laugh. You have to let Mom feel like she can be a good parent to her kids. You have to make a 4th grade boy think, Cool! (I told you it wasn’t easy.)
If you can do this weekly, or monthly, or seasonally, you win. You win hearts. You change lives.
You don’t have to hit home runs. You have to get on base.