If there’s one thing I know about God, it’s that He’s got an incredible imagination, and an even better sense of humor. (Okay, that’s two things.) How do I know this? I grew up without a television, watching almost no movies or videos… and now I spend my days writing film and video scripts. Yup, that’s funny.
My parents weren’t fans of the black box with the screen, but they did make sure my sister and I had plenty of fuel for our imaginations: stacks of books and lots of free, unscheduled time to create elaborate worlds using all of our toys.
Imagination is a tool that will serve a child well in any walk of life, whether they grow up to be a CEO, a musician or a mechanic. At Orange, we place a high value on imagination and the creativity that it fosters. We see God’s creativity in everything He’s made—an amazing reflection of Who He is. That’s why we added it into the rotation of virtues this year!
But when we got down to it, searching the Scriptures for stories that best illuminate this virtue, we hit some road bumps. The very fact that we have the Bible meant God gifted individuals with the creativity to put words together to tell His stories. But even though creativity is splashed throughout the pages of the Bible, there aren’t many stories about creativity. So we prayed and we wrangled and we questioned. And we believe we found the stories that best demonstrate all sides of creativity and how it can be used.
Now that you’ve had a month to be our creativity guinea pigs, we would love to hear from you! How did kids and parents respond to the virtue of creativity? What about your staff and volunteers? What should we keep, and what should we do differently next time around?