Yesterday was a big day at our house. I knew this day would be coming soon, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen now. I thought I had more time to prepare myself for the inevitable. By now you’re probably wondering, “What in the world happened yesterday?” Well, my 13-year-old daughter cut her hair. I know what you’re thinking right now. “Really? That’s it?” Or, those of you who know me may chalk it up to jealousy because I’m “hair impaired.” (I prefer to say that I’ve grown taller than my hair.) Let me explain why this was such a monumental day. For her entire life I’ve been saying to her, “Your hair is so beautiful! Please don’t ever cut it!” And except for trimming it through the years, she has never cut it. And by 13, her hair was VERY long. We’re talking Rapunzel-long! That is . . . until yesterday.
So, why was it so important to me? It wasn’t going to change what an amazing and wonderful person she is. It wasn’t going to be an extreme “Miley-Cyrus-chopped-her-hair-off-and-bleached-it” look. So, why? I think it was because, to me, it was a mile-marker in her life. She’s growing up faster than I’m ready for her to be growing up. Again, some of you who know me may be thinking that I’ve never really grown up. But that’s a subject for another blog . . . so, n’yah! Anyway, her cutting her hair got me thinking about whether or not I have been doing the best job I should have as a parent. Have I been a good example? Have I taught her the things a dad is supposed to teach his daughter? It was a reality check for me.
Now, I know that I’m not the only parent to have thought all those things as their kids get older. Actually, we probably start thinking that way the moment they take their first step. There are mile markers all along their journey to becoming an adult. And we, as parents, need to be there to give them the right directions. This might sound like common sense to you, but I know that I need to be reminded of it once in awhile. I don’t want to miss those moments. Time goes by fast, and I don’t want to be walking her down the aisle when she’s 30, thinking “Coulda, shoulda, woulda.”
By the way, her new haircut looks beautiful and she’s donating the hair that was cut off to Locks of Love. I guess you could ask, “Who taught who?”