I had the privilege of attending Orange Tour in Atlanta last Friday. I say privilege because it’s not usually in Atlanta, and they don’t need me to pull it off, so I’ve never actually been able to experience one.



Just think, three sessions with Reggie Joiner as well as two additional sessions with other amazing leaders.

All in one day. All for less than $90.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the Lead Small night that you can attend the night before – for free!!
And, you get lunch.

It’s like a mini Orange Conference in a city near you.

The best part is that your Orange Specialist will be there! She will. And, you can meet her. And take a picture with her and Ollie. You know that will be the best part.


Although there is some cool swag for purchase. Like, really awesome stuff.


If you’re not able to make it to an actual tour stop (and you should really try to get to one), then at least follow along on one (or more) of the tour dates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Follow #orangetour and #thinkorange. My husband even tweeted that he was feeling inspired just following the hashtag on Friday.


Go ahead and click right now over to OrangeTour.org and see where the tour stop nearest you is. Make it if you can. If you can’t, figure out one of the dates that you can be sure to follow along on social media.

You really don’t want to miss this!