If you’ve been with First Look for long, you know that our goal is to make your preschool environment the best it can be each and every week. To that end, we provide you with every little thing we can think of (and we’re always thinking and listening to feedback) to help you win.

One of those little things has actually become a pretty big thing—our Pinterest board.

Each month, we spend time pinning things we think will help you as you prepare for the month. We pin ideas that have inspired our activities. We pin websites where you can order hard-to-find supplies. We pin the link to our monthly preview video and supplemental DVD, Wonder. We create sample crafts and pin quick tutorials. We pin and we pin and we pin.

Then, as the month progresses, we pin the same links we suggest in our weekly media plan. This makes it easier for you to just repin them to any boards you have set up for your parents. Have you thought about setting up pinboards for you parents? Interesting idea, right?

We’ve introduced a couple new items to our monthly Pinterest boards. One is a video of the hand motions for the memory verse. It’s a quick, simple video Maggie and I made after school a few weeks ago. The video is housed on Vimeo so it’s easy to share with your volunteers.



The other new resource is a graphic of our hand motions for the memory verse. This is created specifically for Pinterest and can be shared with your volunteers or even your parents on that pinboard you made for them.


1411_Memory Verse Motions-01


We’re excited about our new additions and will continue to look for ways to use Pinterest as a tool to help you and your team create an amazing experience for your preschoolers.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on over to Pinterest and check out our boards.