Have you noticed the changes that we made to our Wonder! Look at God’s Story DVD? Aren’t they amazing?! When our creative team first began tweaking our Wonder “world,” I think only the computer geeks in charge of green screen truly understood how awesome it could become. We trusted them to lead the charge, and wow are we glad we did.


Ollie has a received a facelift and now has much more personality and expression. We hear that one of our leaders told her preschoolers that Ollie had “grown up,” just like they’re growing up. We thought this was a fabulously preschool explanation.


Justin is now a mailman who delivers great Bible stories along with the mail.


Carrie is mom to Stormy Jane her dog and hangs out in a yard near the clubhouse.


John has become a handyman and painter who fixes things around the world.


Niama is a lover of books and shares stories from the best book ever with our preschool friends.

If you look closely at their worlds, you’ll notice they all back up to each other and are scattered around the clubhouse where our young friends introduce the story each week.

Yes, we have new clubhouse friends too. Zach and Shea were getting a bit too old (and tall) for our space so they’ve graduated to bigger (pun intended) things. In fact, rumor has it Zach is out in Hollywood right now.


We’re excited to have Maggie, Mabel and Martin as our new clubhouse friends. You may recognize Maggie from the Super Kids series last fall. And, both Martin and Maggie star in this summer’s Living Inside Out Summer XP. We’re having a great time with them in the clubhouse and know you will too.

We know that change is hard, but are VERY excited about the change that has occurred in our world of Wonder!

We can’t wait to hear how much you love it too!