We have an amazing Customer Service and Orange Specialist team who spend all day, every day, helping our church partners make the most of their Orange ministry experience. They answer questions, offer advice, and solve problems like true superheroes. In my opinion, even though our strategy and content are great, the service these teams provide is the true advantage to Thinking Orange.
Occasionally, they pinpoint a recurring question. Let me answer one today.
I purchased the Parent CUE App a couple of weeks ago. Up until yesterday I could view all the activities and different cues. Now I can only see the video in the parent section. One day I was able to see them all, but the next day I couldn’t see any. Any help would be appreciated.
The content of the Parent CUE App follows a monthly theme. At the beginning of the month, that theme changes and all the content from the previous month is removed from the app to make way for the incoming month’s materials. Material from previous months is still available at Studio252.tv/parents. The new content updates on a weekly basis, following this schedule:
Sundays – DriveTime
Tuesdays – MealTime
Thursdays – HangTime
Fridays – BedTime
This schedule allows parents to receive about 4 CUEs each week. At the beginning of the month, you may notice a few more CUEs peppered among this schedule. That’s the great videos and songs that help families understand what we’re going to be talking about all month. If a parent misses a CUE, that’s okay. They can open ParentTime and scroll through This Month’s CUE Feed to catch up.
To view content from a previous month, log onto Studio252.tv/parents. You can select any past month in which your account was active.
Thanks for asking about the Parent CUE App and helping families connect regularly!