Sitting around the table at dinner one night, one of my kids asked a question about baptism. We talked about becoming a Christian and how baptism is a public declaration of your faith. Just then, one of our daughters interrupts the conversation, “Well, I asked Jesus into my heart. So I’m good, right?”

My wife and I looked at each other, mouths dropped open. “Really . . . you did?”
And then two of the other kids called out, “Me too! So did I!”

We started asking questions, trying to figure out what they meant by that, and sure enough, we were pretty confident that they did. And that was it really. The conversation moved on to the next thing, and we kept eating.

We consider ourselves “Orange Parents,” but somehow we were completely caught off guard for this moment. It just happened without us knowing or being part of the conversation. They had talked about it at church and in small group, but either we weren’t given a heads up or didn’t read an email or something.

We talk about our faith at home all the time. We want our kids to have an everyday faith where conversations about God happen naturally. And we pray they feel the freedom to make important decisions about their relationship with God. I think we felt that the conversation about the decision to follow Jesus would have happened with us. We were so thankful, yet at the same time felt like we might have missed out on something.

Parents invest so much into their kids and want to be a part of the significant moments in their kids’ lives, including the moment kids decide to follow Jesus. But many parents don’t know how to start conversations about faith with kids and are intimidated by the questions kids might ask.
And kids will have questions about faith.

Did God really destroy the world in a flood?
Did a big fish really swallow Jonah?
Why did God let all of that stuff happen to Job?
Is heaven real? And if it is, how can I get there?

Big questions that don’t always have an answer.
When it comes to faith conversations with kids, a parent might need a little help getting into the driver’s seat. Maybe they just need a place to start.
So why not Start Here?

We’re excited to announce two new events “in a box” to help families celebrate of the most significant milestone in a kid’s life.

Start Here
Start Here is a presentation designed to give parents what they need to participate in the most important event in their child’s life.

With this simple Gospel presentation and a conversation starter for parents, Start Here provides everything to help get parents to ready to lead their children to Christ.

Materials included:
Directors guide
Promotional material
Start Here logo
Live host scripts
Video of gospel presentation
Editable word script for live gospel presentation
Parent cue guide and activity
Live production components

Family Birthday Celebration 
Every life has big moments to celebrate.

Baby dedication.
First day of school.
Getting a driver’s license.

These are life-stage milestones—the events that mark and celebrate a significant moment or change in a person’s story.

We suggest you add another milestone to the list . . . the day a child or teenager makes the decision to trust Jesus as their Savior.

Why not create an event with kids in mind that takes their phase of life into consideration. The Salvation milestone is a day when you should throw a gigantic party for families to celebrate their child’s spiritual birth. We call it Family Birthday Celebration.

This kit gives you everything you need for before, during, and after the big celebration. This includes planning materials, how to record a baptism video, live components and resources for your church staff, small group leaders, and parents to continue the conversation after the big day. We say, “ Why not keep the party going?!”

Materials Included:

  • Director’s Guide
  • Live Host Scripts
  • Live Teach Scripts
  • “How To” Shoot a Baptism Testimony Video
  • Original Piano Score to Use for Testimony Videos And Prayer Time
  • Art File Templates:
    • Baptism Certificate
    • Invitation Cards
    • Order of Service
    • Baptism Checklist Card