In the mind and heart of a preschooler, God lives EVERYWHERE. That is something we want the parents of our preschoolers to grasp, too. God is everywhere, all the time. And, since parents have thousands more hours with their preschoolers each year than the hour or two we have with them each week, they have countless opportunities to experience God in the lives of their preschoolers.

First Look offers multiple resources for parents to share God’s love with their preschoolers. We’ve created everything from a written weekly or monthly Parent CUE card (available on the download page) to the Parent CUE App (available through iTunes and Android store) that reinforces Sunday’s learning throughout the week.

Our Social Media Plan, available each Tuesday on the First Look Blog provides even more ways for you to encourage your parents through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Sounds like an overload of ideas, right? Well, there’s more!

First Look music is written to reinforce the monthly Bottom Lines, and the preschoolers love it! Your parents have access to individual song and album downloads through Amber Sky Records Or, they can purchase the First Look CDs from our online store. Car time is the perfect time to sing and praise our God who travels along with our preschoolers. In addition, you can recommend that parents purchase the Wonder! Look at God’s Story DVD so they can hear that month’s Bible stories over and over again.

Experiences that bring together the church and the home, and connect parents of preschoolers with each other, are an exciting and fun way for parents to share the message of God’s love with their preschoolers. Ask your parents to take pictures of their preschoolers doing an activity during the week that is related to the Bible story or Bottom Line and then post them to your church’s Facebook page. A family contest gets a great response when you ask families to answer a question or solve a riddle then post answers at a specific time during the week when your website goes live. Prizes for the first three to answer are extra fun!

What do you do to encourage and empower the parents of your preschoolers to talk about God all week long?