It’s “Helping Hands” month in the First Look Curriculum! Did you start your Helping Hands Hats this week? If not, there is still time to make them with the kids. We’ve already heard some great feedback for partners whose kids were so excited to start their hats this past Sunday.

We wanted to give you an idea of what a Helping Hands Hat might look like so our awesome editor, Kristen Brady, made two with her lovely daughter, Ellie, who is our model here. She made them both of the ways we suggest in the curriculum.

You can use fabric paint and stamp all of the images.





Or, you can use foam and glue all of your images.






The choice is yours. Adjust the project as you need to for you kids and your environment.

We can’t wait to hear about all the preschoolers running around in their Helping Hands Hats! Did you start yours this weekend?