Yes, I realize this title makes me corny, but since I recently went gluten-free, I’m okay with that. I’m also REALLY okay with the fact that we’re now making our FX (Family Experience) scripts more accessible to churches with less time and fewer resources!
Starting with September downloads, all subscribers will find FX Compact Scripts on the download matrix under the FX tab. Just like 252 Compact does for curriculum, FX Compact cuts down on the necessary time and resources, while maintaining the core values of a Family Experience:

  1. Kids and parents in one room
  2. A key Life App or Bottom Line with a “go and do” aspect for the family
  3. Interactive fun!

Previously, we have published 45-minute FX scripts for churches that wish to do an FX every single week and one for churches who wish to do an FX every month. Each of those scripts (4-5 Weekly FX scripts and 1 Monthly FX script per month) will now ALSO be published as:

  • FX Compact 15-minute version (Requires only two hosts!)
  • FX Compact 30-minute version (Requires only three hosts/actors and a worship leader!)
  • FX Compact Gluten-Free (Okay, actually, all our scripts our gluten-free. Unless you print them on wheat paper.)

You’ll still find some of the same elements available in the full-length version, but these scripts are streamlined and easy to use.
We believe it’s entirely possible to pull off an effective FX time with your families, even if you only have 30 minutes between services or a few minutes between your main service and lunchtime—and even if it’s just once a month or once a quarter. And you don’t even need an experienced cast of characters! You just need two willing volunteers who can engage both kids and adults.
One of those volunteers should probably be okay with the occasional cream pie in the face.
We’ve gone Compact. Will you?