Cooperation Jam Session

There’s nothing like going to a concert and watching all the instruments come together to play something amazing. Just picture it—each musician with their own unique instrument on stage, creating more together than they could on their own. Through cooperation, the band creates some awesome music.


But if the drummer decides to play at a different rhythm, the bassist has to change the tempo. And if the guitarist starts to play his own thing, the vocalist wouldn’t know when to sing the lyrics. The truth of the matter is if even one musician starts to do his or her own thing, the whole song falls apart.


We all know that this doesn’t just happen in a band, but also in our own lives. It takes cooperation to make music, build a house, create a school project, and even be a part of a family! In fact, cooperation is a spiritual concept, because we were all made to cooperate with God and His big plan. We were made to cultivate and make a difference in the world around us, and we can do that better together. When people come together, we can accomplish things that seemed undoable on our own.


Cooperation: Everyone has a part to play


This March 2022, we will teach elementary kids that God has designed us to cooperate to make a positive change in our communities. Our goal is for every leader, parent, and kid to memorize Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do” (NIrV).


Imagine what could happen if we cooperated with the people in our church to make a positive difference in our communities. Our goal is to help kids grasp this potential by looking at how people in the Bible cooperated with one another to do big things for God.


Take a look at the preview for each week of March:


WEEK ONE: Building the Tabernacle Through Cooperation — Exodus 19, 25


BOTTOM LINE: God wants us to work together.


This Bible story tells us about the Israelites who were set free from slavery in Egypt. God gave them guidelines to express their worship. One of the ways they could join together and worship God was through building a place of worship called the tabernacle. God called the artists and craftsmen to work together to build this place, just like he does with our own gifts and talents. As we cooperate with one another, we can do great things for the Kingdom of God.


WEEK TWO: Joshua Wins the Battle Over the Amalekites — Exodus 17:8-13


BOTTOM LINE: Work together to help someone succeed.


In Week 2, kids will hear this great, bizarre story about Joshua battling the Amalekites. Moses stands up on a hill with his brother Aaron and a woman named Hur. If Moses’ arms are up, the Israelites would stay in control of the battle. Obviously, Moses’ arms begin to get tired. That’s when Aaron and Hur stand on either side of Moses and hold up his arms. Thanks to God and their cooperation, the Isrealites were victorious. Kids will learn that they can work together to help others win.


WEEK THREE: Jesus Heals a Man Who Could Not Walk / Four Friends — Luke 5:17-26


BOTTOM LINE: Work together to help someone in need.


This story tells about a paralyzed man who had some really good friends. When they heard Jesus was in town, the friends tried everything to get him to meet Jesus. Ultimately, they went up to the roof and dropped him down right in front of Him! Because of their immense faith, Jesus blessed the man. See, when kids work together, they can help someone in need.


WEEK FOUR: Early Church Works Together / Believers Share Their Lives Together — Acts 2:42-47


BOTTOM LINE: Make a habit of working together.


The final story for the week will be about how we can cooperate as a church. In the beginning of Acts, Luke tells us how the early church shared what they had to help each other through life’s problems. Kids can learn to work together to use their gifts for the Lord.

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God created us to work together in community. When we cooperate, we reflect what Jesus envisioned for His followers. Our love for one another can point people to Him. Let’s get ready for a jammin’ month learning about cooperation!


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