When talking with preschool leaders as we walk through the First Look curriculum downloads and the many weekly activity choices, I frequently hear, “Hmm, my teachers won’t go for that activity.” Usually, that statement can be interpreted as something like, “That teacher is not going to engage the already overly active 3-year-olds in an activity named Bang, Bang, Bang.” Well, I am sure that building an ark was a noisy job that required tools and muscle! And using their muscles is one way preschoolers learn. In fact, it is the earliest and most utilized learning style for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

A learning style simply describes how children process their world and new information. The three most common styles are visual learning (using the sense of sight), auditory learning (using the sense of hearing), and physical learning (using hands and physical movement). In First Look, we thoughtfully plan activities that touch on each learning style multiple times throughout the weekly Make It Fun activities, Make It True Bible stories, worship and music, and Make it Stick activities. As adults, we tend to plan and implement activities that we are most comfortable with, the activities that accommodate our personal learning styles.

As teachers of the preschoolers in our ministries, it is imperative that we feed the learning style of each child. How do you ensure that each child sees, hears and experiences that God made him, God loves him, and Jesus wants to be his friend forever?