Have you ever wondered how to use the Wonder! Look at God’s Story DVD? I mean, what’s it even for? Where does it fit? Is it worth the extra cost?

First, the Wonder! Look at God’s Story DVD is a monthly supplemental product that you can buy through the reThink store. It is a video version of the storytelling (Make It True) section of the First Look curriculum. Each DVD has a video for the Intro, Bible Story, and Wrap Up for each week of curriculum during that series. There are QuickTime files on one disc to integrate into presentation software. Or, the second disc is a true DVD that can be played in any DVD player. You can choose to use all three sections of the week or just one or two.

Here are some examples of when and why you would use the Wonder! DVD:

Scenario 1: You have an amazing Storyteller, but lack volunteer depth to use the Intro Sketch in the written curriculum. Then, you might choose to use the video Intro and Wrap up found on the Wonder! DVD and a live Storyteller using the written curriculum.

Scenario 2: You’ve got some great high school kids who love to do the Intro Sketch, but they aren’t comfortable being the Bible “authority.” Have the high school kids do the Intro Sketch found in the written curriculum and use the Wonder! DVD for your Storyteller.

Scenario 3: All your great actors have the flu, and you need someone to do the Make It True section. Use the Wonder! DVD for Intro, Bible Story and Wrap Up.

Scenario 4: You have children for three hours every Sunday morning with some overlapping of kids. Do the Make It True section from the written curriculum during the first hour and show the Wonder! DVD during the third hour to make sure that ALL the children heard the story that morning, but nobody is bored.

Scenario 5: You have the same kids on Wednesday night as on Sunday morning. You know that repeating the Bible story is good for them, but you want to offer a bit of variety. Use the written curriculum on Sunday morning and show the Wonder! DVD on Wednesday night.

As you can see, the Wonder! DVD can fit into your environment in SO MANY different ways. I bet you just found a way it can help you in your ministry. Check it out today.