The new One Big Story curriculum, well, it’s big. It’s not just a clever name. It’s eight weeks worth of content—two months of going through  the big narrative of the Bible.
So you might be wondering, where does One Big Story: Turn It Up (Elementary) fit into my plan? When would I use this series? And since I have the option to replace months from my current 252 license, what would be the ideal time to do this?
We have a suggestion. But first, we need to tell you the plan for 252 for 2013-14. That’s right, we’ll still have monthly themes and life apps, but in the biblical narrative each week, our goal is to go through the Bible chronologically. There will be some weeks when we skip around a little bit, but for the most part, the kids in your children’s environment will have gone through most of the Bible by next May.
That’s why we are suggesting you use One Big Story: Turn It Up (Elementary) next summer. That’s right, summer of 2014.
One Big Story: Turn It Up (Elementary) is the perfect way to recap and review the big picture of God’s story. And by doing it next summer, you can use that time to review everything you’ve talked about this past year.
And since we are going through the Bible in 252, there may be some repetition if you decide to replace months from your current license during the school year.
Just some unsolicited advice from your 252 friends. You have the freedom to implement the One Big Story: Turn It Up (Elementary) series anytime you want. But if you need some help figuring out how to make it fit, we think next summer is the best place.